Sponsorship Payments

Thank you for your contribution to the Lincoln High School production of Much Ado About Nothing. The Theatre Department is 100% self-funded so it makes a big difference in the lives or our students.

In order to place an ad in the program you must complete the paper Production Sponsorship Form and return it to the student who requested your sponsorship. You may also return it to any of the Theatre Boosters. You can download the sponsorship form by clicking this link.

Payment for your sponsorship can be made by cash or check when you submit your paper form. If you wish to pay using a credit card this page is the place to do it. Please note that the minimum contribution for each of the sponsorship levels is slightly higher when paying with a credit card because of the card processing fee.

To complete an online credit card payment please read this entire page before proceeding.

To start you select the sponsorship level that corresponds to your paper form from the dropdown below. Then fill in the Business Name and Student Selling Ad fields so they match your paper form. That will help us match payment to paper. Then click the Add To Cart button.

The Add To Cart button will take you to the PayPal shopping cart. If you wish to pay the minimum amount for your sponsorship level, then you can checkout. However, if you would like to add an additional donation above the minimum amount for your sponsorship level you can click the Continue Shopping button on the PayPal shopping cart. You will be brought back to this website where you can select an additional donation amount.

Sponsorship Level
Business Name
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