A Tale of Two Cities Information for Parents, Cast, and Crew

The parent information meeting for A Tale of Two Cities is on Tuesday, March 7.  We will discuss the contents of the folders that everyone in the cast received at the first cast meeting.  Those documents are available here.

The Cast Parent Welcome Letter welcomes parents of cast members to the production.  It also explains the $70 cast participation fee that is due from all cast members.  The fee must be paid by March 24th.  A form is available to request a Fee Reduction or Payment Plan for those who need it.  If you would like to pay the participation fee online using your credit card then go to the Cast Participation Fee Payments page.

The stage crew is being assembled by the stage managers at this time.  There is a separate Stage Crew Parent Letter that provides details for stage crew parents.  It includes information on the $30 stage crew participation fee.  If you would like to pay the participation fee online using your credit card then go to the Crew Participation Fee Payments page.

There is a huge amount of work that goes into making a production successful.  The student cast does a lot of it, but they cannot do it alone.  We need parent volunteers! In fact every student is required to get three hours of parent volunteer time logged before the production is finished.  The Parent Volunteer Form provides a list of available jobs and should be returned to indicate your preference.  If you attend the parent meeting, then you can provide your preferences on the attendance sheet.

All cast members are expected to sell ads totaling at least $20. Other participants are encouraged to do the same. We need advertising support because the Lincoln Theatre Department is self funded.

There are two types of ads: business ads and shout-outs. Business ads are purchased by local businesses and entitle them to ad space in the program for the show.  They also get to brag about supporting an outstanding group of students, staff, and parents who make Lincoln Theatre happen.  Use the Tale of Two Cities Sponsorship Form to sell business ads.  Business ads can be paid for with a credit card online, but you still have to submit the paper form to make sure all the necessary information and artwork are available.  To pay for a business ad online click this link.

Shout-outs are small personal messages that family, friends, and fellow cast and crew members purchase.  The purchaser writes an encouraging message that appears in the show program.  Use the Tale of Two Cities Shoutout Out Form to sell shout-outs.  Shout-outs can also be paid online, but the paper form is still required.  To pay for a shout-out online click this link.

The minimum ad amount can be made up of any combination of the two ad types.  If you don’t have any connections to local businesses, then ask your family and friends for support through shout-outs.  The Selling Ads Letter contains more information about the process of selling ads for the show.

All ads must be submitted by April 24.

Thanks to the cast, the crew, and their families for everything you do to make Lincoln Theatre great.